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Minneapolis-St. Paul Brava Roofing Contractor

Brava Synthetic Roofing Tiles

We are proud to use Brava composite tiles for our clients. These composite roof tiles achieve and in some cases surpass the authentic, aesthetic look and beauty of Spanish clay tile, natural slate, and cedar shake roofing. Brava composite roofing products last longer, are far more durable, and much more aesthetically and architecturally pleasing than asphalt shingles or slate, shake, and clay tiles.

Synthetic Cedar Shake Roofing

When searching for a cedar shake roof alternative, Brava’s synthetic shake roofing tiles should be at the top of your list. Their polymer shingles have all of the true to life natural beauty and rustic split textures of real cedar, combined with the incredible benefits of a composite roofing material. When it comes to quality and craftsmanship, no one does it better. Brava manufactures the best composite shake shingles available.

Composite Spanish Barrel Tile

If you’re looking for Spanish roof tile alternatives, familiarize yourself with Brava Barrel tile. Their composite roofing tiles are the perfect barrel clay tile alternative. As you know, traditional barrel tile roof squares are extremely heavy and require additional structural support. Their lightweight synthetic roofing material eliminates the need for costly structural support, reduces the installation labor, and decreases your roof maintenance tremendously. Your new synthetic barrel roof will look amazing for a lifetime! Brava Barrel tile is truly a revolutionary roofing product, unrivaled in the composite roofing industry.

Composite Slate Roof Tile

If you enjoy the incredible aesthetics of natural quarried slate roofing and want to avoid costly substructure modifications required to handle the extreme weight of slate tiles, Brava’s revolutionary composite slate tile is for you. With a 1” profile, Brava’s Old World Slate polymer tile has the volume of traditional slate roof tiles with a fraction of the weight.

Colors and Textures

Thanks to Brava Colorcast, our patented mineral-infusion process, our tiles offer the same lasting artistry that has kept the 3,000-year-old Ishtar gate colorful and five-hundred-year-old paintings from the Renaissance as bright as the day they were created Similar to some of the most iconic paintings in history, our Cedar Shake, Slate, and Spanish Barrel tiles capture the authenticity and nuances of nature. Like the gorgeous inspiration abounding from lush forests, rocky deserts, and soothing sunsets, the unique color variations that occur naturally within our world are mirrored in Brava tiles, making for the most stunning and realistic materials.

With color that flows throughout every enticing inch, Brava tiles have subtle variations forged by differences in pigment, composition, and manufacturing techniques. Production influences add richness, character, and a more dimensional appearance to each tile for a highly desirable and authentic look that elevates roofs from mere protection to pure exhilaration. And each palette of tiles shipped out is filled from multiple batches to ensure distinctive variations that reflect the beauty and contrasts found in nature itself.